(EN) Welcome!

...if arriving in a foreign country, getting off the tourist trail and settling down in the “real” countryside appeals to you, then Marco and his family will make you very welcome, accommodating in B&B or Apartment at Casa Gentili.

The property owned by the Gentili family over 100 years, is approximately a 15 minutes drive from the centre of Pisa and Lucca,  so very handy for exploring the local area of which there is an abundance of interesting places to see.

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Additionally the large ground floor rooms, the garden consisting of various different areas and the top floor, are suitable for worshops, lectures and photographic possibilities.

You don’t need to buy a piece of land to become local

Is our passion strong enough to get traveller to see this unique region and coming away with unforgettable memories?

All we can do is create the common ground to develop relationships and knowledge and invite you to interact with local and get a glimpse of their normal lives; just be curious to know what is behind people you meet, ask and you will get back home more than landmarks and picturesque landscapes.

Do not forget being a first time traveler gives you the unique chance to completely “discover” the region, every single day may be your day one, just be open and fearless.

Enjoy art city just around our village, Pisa, Lucca, Florence and much more are within 10 min or one hour drive!